A Performance Review Of The Samsung Galaxy A12


Samsung Galaxy A12 mini mobile was recently launched in the UK market by Samsung. The phone is powered by an octa-core processor which is also used in the new Gear series. The Samsung Galaxy A12 mini has a six point interface and also includes a fingerprint scanner and offers a 5.1-inch screen with an HD display. The Samsung Galaxy A12 mini also includes a USB Type-C port, a HDMI port, a 3-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, and comes complete with the Samsung Galaxy S Pen. Galaxy A12

Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with the same professional grade design and looks as the bigger model, the Galaxy A10. However, it comes with an ultra slim line which makes it easier to hold. As compared to the regular version, this model comes with an ultra slim design which includes a long-lasting battery. The phone comes with dual SIM slots and offers a large display. The screen size of the Samsung Galaxy A12 mini is only marginally bigger than that of its bigger counterpart and is easily noticeable even with the aid of one hand. Apart from this, the phone comes with an advanced fingerprint scanner which allows users to register their fingerprints so that they can perform cosmetic editing or make other alterations to the phone.

An impressively quick charging speed and a long-lasting battery have been the hallmarks of the Samsung Galaxy A12. In this review, I’d like to give you my own personal experience with this handsets and advise you accordingly. While the phone did not come with a headphone jack, I found that this feature did come in the package.

A lot of people like the large front camera of the Galaxy A12 comes with it. I think this front camera is excellent for taking pictures in general. For me, though, it lacks sufficient sensitivity so that images end up looking a little flat. If you want to take really good photographs, you’ll need to buy a unit with an appropriate optical zoom feature. If you’re used to snapping with a digital camera, then you won’t notice the difference.

Samsung Galaxy A12 reviews always highlight how well the phone works in bright environments. With a dual LED flash, the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy A12 does an excellent job at lighting up the surroundings. This was the only area where the device gave me problems, though, during my testing period. I found that it struggled to focus on images in low light situations, despite the brightness of the surroundings. This is a minor gripe, I know, but I believe it’s a downside as opposed to the benefits of having a fast-charging, lithium-ion battery life.

In the battery life test, I was able to drain the battery in just over five hours. The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy A12 review was quite typical for a lot of handsets in this price range. It is, however, surprising that it lasts so long. I would have expected it to die down a bit while using the camera but it lasted for so long despite the high resolution of the images. This is probably down to the use of the built-in microSD card and not the way the manufacturer has set the camera up.

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