Brand Marketing on Smartphones – Is This the Future Way to Communicate for Any Brand?

Brand Marketing and Smartphones Fit Together Perfectly

We’ve already seen the likes of KFC and Starbucks utilizing Smartphone Adverts that have had big impact and even Jaguar cars in Australia had a very successful campaign that drew in over 700 positive leads in just one campaign.

However, the important things for Brand marketing managers is the ability to replicate the public image it already has and get it to the market in new and imaginative ways that don’t detract from the good conventional methods already used.

So What’s So Good About Brand Marketing on Smartphones?

In today’s market, there are so many avenues for Brands to find exposure from the likes of social media, mobile marketing, e-mail marketing, print, TV, radio, on-line video, direct sales, SEO, Pay-Per-Click and many more including blogging like this you are reading right now.

Brand marketing has to decide which of the above will make the better partners for their image and will give them the exposure to their preferred audience whilst considering the cost associated with their campaign of choice.

Smartphone marketing offers an excellent route for Brand Marketers in that it is currently relatively low cost but also a place where a lot of their prospective consumers are hanging out these days.

If you consider that in January 2010 it was reported by ComScore that 30.8% of Smartphone users accessed their social media accounts via their phone and today the figures we are reading are suggesting that more than 52% now are do this, then Smartphone users are definitely a worthwhile target for brand marketing.

The phenomenal growth rate of people using their smartphones to do everyday things is even more interesting when you throw in the thought of the length of time people spend on just Facebook and that there are now over 500,000 of them around today.

So when you think about it, if you combine those figures with the Twitter, You Tube and web browsers on a Smartphone then that’s a lot of captive audience to market your brand to on just one device.  vivo v17 pro

The Cost of Brand Marketing on Smartphones

This is the bit I like best as Smartphone marketing platforms are still relatively low cost in comparison and with the ability to target your chosen demographic audience for your particular brand then it really is an efficient way to utilize your marketing budget.

If you take the example of the Jaguar campaign above then although they received over 700 new leads, the full screen advert was seen by over 19,000 people who took the time to look through what it was offering but even more impressive was that around 950,000 received the initial banner advert on their phone.



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